ACE Construction Group

          ACE Construction Group was founded in 1988 by our current Senior President, U Tint Hsan, in the city of Pathein, administrative center of the Ayeyarwaddy Division. After much successful cooperation with local partners to develop the Ayeyarwaddy Division, the head office of ACE Construction Group was moved in 1993 to the ancient Capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. This move allowed the company to undertake various projects in the construction sector and confirmed a solid knowledge and know-how of the last technologies, techniques of organization and management to accomplish projects on-time...

Who we are

         When our current Senior President, U Tint Hsan, decided to found ACE Construction Group, his idea was to develop Myanmar, but more especially his native region. The Ayeyarwaddy Division is one of the most beautiful region of Myanmar, but divided in many small villages, all spread out and with a difficult access, due to the important number of rivers and mountains.So the company started to develop public medical infrastructures such as nursing schools and an extension of the public hospital. At the same time, the group also handled projects which are now being considered as landmarks in Pathein: the Clock Tower and the Phaung Daw U Pagoda....

What we do

         A.C.E Construction Group Developed through 3 decades of professional work a deep knowledge and know-how in the construction industry. We have accomplished the construction of over 100 projects in Myanmar since its creation in 1988. Its large number of experimented and professional engineers allows the group to offer a large variety of services in the construction domain.

         A.C.E Construction is able to develop a project from the beginning to the end, using last technologies and materials answering market needs. Our large experience and expertise allow us to construct all kinds of buildings, offering suitable constructions to your needs. All our projects are analyzed and reviewed ensuring a high-quality construction adapted to the final utilization of the building...

The aims of ACE construction are:

 Offer the best management and supervision to complete project on time.

 Work with latest technologies and build best quality construction.

 Offer a reasonable price and the best service to clients over their expectations.

 Customer safisfaction is of prime Importance.

Our Services

        We are undertaking the following services for the satisfaction of the customer:

Drawing and design of buildings

Estimating the cost of project : equipment :materials: labour charges and detailed calculation

Preparing the land for building and doing survey

Supervising for the best quality building with latest technologies

Civil Work( RC Structure/Steel Structure )

Water supply and sanitation work

Electrical Work

Interior decoration work

Inspection for building (QA/QC) and safety work

Our Values

Truth and Honesty

         We are authentic people, acting with authenticity and integrity. We are true to who we are and where we are coming from, we are true and honest to our customers, partners and employees. These are gold values for developing successful business on the long term and overcome all challenges.

         Trust and Empowerment

         It is our honor to trust people, customers and partners, providers and employees, which allows us to accomplish much more than others. It also permits to empower all our management and executives, all confident and passionate moving forward to building solid business and strong relationships.

Commitment and Responsibility

         Since our starts we are committed and feel responsible for all we undertake: to the planet, to our country and the people, to what we do for our business and our community. Having dedicated and responsible people strengthens our capabilities, making us growing healthier and more solid every day.

Our Projects

Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi

         Besides of other projects in Nay Pyi Taw, A.C.E Construction also built the Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda,an emblematic complex of monuments of the Buddist religion. This complex is composed of 4 buildings representing the 4 most importants steps of Buddha's life:

- Brith place of Buddha

- The place of Enlightenment

- The place where Buddha preach first Dhama to...

Parliament Buildings Complex

         All these realizations brought ACE Construction Group to work closer with the Government and be one of the most important developers of the new capital city of Myanmar: Nay Pyi Taw. The Group built many notable buildings in this city including the monumental Parliament Buildings Complex. All the buildings have a specific signification and are inspired on King Anawyahta’s palace architecture in Bagan ages...

Zaykabar Museum

         ACE Construction Group Company will be constructed ZAYKABAR Museum in Khayaepin Road, Mingalardon Township, Yangon Division in January , 2017 and the type of building is V-Pile foundation, RC Concrete. The museum structure was designed by a French architectural firm . Around three acres has been allocated for the project, which is awaiting approval for construction from the Yangon City Development Commhittee (YCDC) and is set to be completed in 14 Months.

Zabuthri Hospital

         Zabuthiri Hospital locationed near the Grand ACE Villa and Zezawar Circle,Pyinmanar-Taungnyo Road,in Zabuthiri Township,NayPyiTaw,Constructed ACE Construction Company.Zabuthiri Speciallist Hospital was open on 3rf May 2012.It was owned by NayPyiTaw Development Committe.ACE Construction Company has constrcted treatment building for patients,labortory building,drug store building,drug store building,pharmacy,waiting room,6 storey staffs housing 4 building,house for head of the hospital and Staffs break room,etc...

The Hotel Royal ACE

         The Hotel Royal ACE has been established as a Star Rating Hotel when it opened in December 2013.The Hotel Royal ACE is situted on nearly 100 acres of completely wide open ground and gardens, in a mix of modern and traditional design.Whether you are travling for buiness or pleasure, The Hotel Royal ACE offers full faclities and all the features ofrenowned Myanmar Hospitality...

Grand ACE Villa

         The Grand ACE Villa is a high ranked hotel entirely designed and constructed by ACE Construction Group. Its confortable rooms associated to the large range of faclities make this hotel one of the more convenient for business travelers. The hotel is completed by a Conference center including a theatre, a 1000-people ballroom as well as 4 residences with 48 luxury apartments, 12 800 sqm of offices and soon a large mall. This pioneer project is unique in Nay Pyi Taw...

Welcome !

Welcome to Investors !

         Today, A.C.E Group of Companies possesses a lot of lands and projects. We have a lot of ideas and welcome yours to develop these projects and build together the future of Myanmar. The opportunities are big, and the potential enormous. We are welcoming partners and investors to be part of this pioneer projects...

Welcome to Contractors !

         A.C.E Construction has a good message to the contractors who are doing business as carpenter, mason, deform bar bending, steel structure, ceiling work, painting, wiring or plumbing. We invite all contractors who want to cooperate in the long term with A.C.E Construction to fill-up the application form and obtain the contractor license...

Welcome to Engineers !

         A.C.E Construction is ready to face the 21st Century and its challenges of new technologies and ready to welcome foreign investments.
         A.C.E Construction is inviting all Engineers and construction Professionals who want to join us for the long term and want to get a brilliant future! ...

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